Doradztwo Transportowe PIPITD

Training offer

We conduct professional internal and external trainings catering for entrepreneurs, forwarding agents and drivers. Such trainings are not only limited to passing on theoretical knowledge, but they also include much practical advice, supported by the lecturer’s erudition and experience. They can be carried out in the place indicated by the client.

We offer the following trainings:

  • How to keep the evidence of the driver’s working time
  • Appropriate loading as a key to success in transport business
  • Drivers’ working time
  • Digital and analog tachographs
  • Logistic planning
  • Managing logistics in the company
  • Managing the costs of logistics
  • Ways of managing and reducing costs
  • Contracts in logistics – preparing, creating and implementing
  • National and international transport and shipping
  • Transport and logistics in international trade
  • Complaints and redress in transport and logistics on the domestic and foreign market
  • Insurance in transport
  • Shipping for forwarding agents

Should you be interested in other types of trainings, we are ready to conduct them. In that case, please contact our office.