Doradztwo Transportowe PIPITD

Our offer

We offer:

  • logistic counseling related to the optimization of costs,
  • controlling working time and keeping evidence,
  • acting on behalf of clients in inspection bodies such as the Road Transport Inspection and National Labour Inspectorate,
  • handling staff matters, Occupational Health and Safety,
  • introducing activities and systems that will minimize and optimize transport costs, especially those concerning fuel,
  • analyzing needs of the company related to its area of business,
  • insurance services and claims handling concerning transport,
  • internal auditing – counseling, training and introducing new solutions,
  • staff trainings,
  • hiring drivers, also foreign ones,
  • help with setting up your own transport company.

Is counseling expensive?

The cost of the consulting service is an individual matter and it depends on the complexity of each case. Using such a service should result not only in improving the quality of the activity of your company but also in saving your money. Therefore, the fee of the consulting company is lower than the benefits that you may gain thanks to it. If you need any further information concerning this matter, please contact our office.