Doradztwo Transportowe PIPITD

Auditing, counseling, and training

PIPITD is a company which has been on the market since 2009 and offers consulting and planning services in the field of transport and logistics. It caters especially for small transport companies by offering them outsourcing services.

We will prevent you from being fined by the Road Transport Inspection and National Labour Inspectorate!

Nowadays outsourcing services is the best solution as it helps increase savings and reduce costs in the company.

Professional service, which you can have thanks to PIPITD, will help you achieve comfort, safety, reduction of costs and conduct your transport business in a less stressful way. Let us take care of continuous changes in transport regulations, and adjusting Polish regulations to the European Union norms – you will not have to constantly train your employees and bear additional costs. Logistic counseling will help you look at your own business in a different, often better way and make use of areas that have been neglected so far.

Do your business and we will do the rest!