Doradztwo Transportowe PIPITD

Counseling, auditing

Should you have any doubts concerning your current business activity, it would be better if you ordered auditing to make sure that everything is satisfactory. If you are controlled by such inspection bodies as the Office of Fiscal Control, the Road Transport Inspection or the National Labour Inspectorate, it might be too late.

Depending on your needs and the matter involved, the fee for a consulting service is fixed individually. Using such a service should result not only in improving the quality of the activity of your company but also in saving your money. Therefore, the fee of the consulting company is lower than the benefits that you may gain thanks to it. After conducting each audit, we prepare specific instructions, regulations and recommendations in accordance with the applicable law.

If you wish to change, or optimize your business activity, order from us a complex service, which will include auditing, planning changes, developing and implementing new solutions.

If you need any further information concerning this matter, please contact our office.